Pineapple Fried Rice


Thai iced tea
Thai iced Coffee
and soda $1.00
Free Refill for Fountain Soda

Small Plate
Fingerling Spring Roll
Virgin Summer Roll
Green Papaya Salad
Oriental Salad
Chicken and Shrimp Dumpling (steam or fry)
Tom Yum with chicken
Please asked for special of the day

Curry Dish
Choice of red, green or massamun curry sauce

10 Thai Basil, Egg Sunny Side up
Bell pepper, onion, sweet basil in chili garlic puree

10 Garlic Medley Greens
Sauteed mixed vegetable with pepper garlic sauce

10 Cashew Dish
Water chest nut , scallion, onion, bell pepper, celery
and roasted chili puree

10 Garlic Black Pepper
Water chest nut, scallion, with oyster mushroom sauce

10 Fried Rice
Golden Raisin, snow pea, tomato, scallion, egg and cucumber

10 Chicken Leg Noodle Soup
Vermicelli noodle, bean sprout, scallion with chicken stock

10 Pad Thai
Rice noodle, egg, smoked tofu, sweet radish, chive,
peanut, and tamarind sauce

10 Pad See Ew
Egg noodle, bok Choy, black pepper, egg and black bean sauce

10 Glass Noodle Salad
Green Bean noodle, scallion, peanut and chili lime dressing

10 Grilled Shrimp and mango Salad
Shallot, cherry tomato, scallion, dried chili and mixed greens

10 Grilled Salmon
Mixed vegetable and Three Flavor sauce

10 Fillet of Crispy Flounder
With shitake mushroom, minced chicken , scallion, onion
and ginger Oyster sauce

Please asked for special of the day $9
Served with Jasmine rice or brown rice Except the noodle dish

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